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The Witcher universe, as portrayed in the tower of the swallow PDF, is vast, brimming with tales of magic, monsters, and moral dilemmas. This article offers an exploration into the captivating narrative found within the pages of the tower of the swallow PDF.

A Tale from Dun Dâre

Diving into “the tower of the swallow PDF,” readers are immediately gripped by the haunting tale of Dun Dâre. A beggar’s song, vividly captured in the text, speaks of a massacre on the chilling eve of Samhain. The song’s lyrics suggest the legendary witcher maid’s involvement, adding a layer of mystery to the tale.

The Fortune Teller’s Proposition

One of the intriguing segments in “the tower of the swallow PDF” is the witcher girl’s encounter with a fortune-teller. While the fortune-teller offers worldly riches and fame, the witcher girl’s desires are extraordinary. Her wish for a swift black horse and a radiant sword reflects her determination to battle the forces of Evil and Darkness.


The tales embedded within “the tower of the swallow PDF” showcase the rich tapestry of the Witcher universe. The characters’ complexities and their challenges, whether confronting foes or engaging with mystical beings, are a testament to the depth and intricacy of the narrative.

What happens in Tower of Swallows?

In “The Tower of Swallows,” Ciri, gravely injured, is discovered by a hermit named Vysogota who helps her recuperate. During this time, Ciri recounts her past experiences including her life with a gang called “the Rats” and her encounters with a brutal bounty hunter, Leo Bonhart. Ciri decides to reclaim her royal birthright when she learns about an impostor princess in Nilfgaard but faces deadly challenges along the way. Meanwhile, Geralt and his companions are on a quest to find Ciri, navigating through a series of dangerous encounters and political intrigues​.

What happens at the end of Tower of Swallow?

Towards the end of the book, Geralt and his party reach the region of Toussaint, where they encounter druids. A conflict arises, and in the ensuing skirmish, Cahir, one of Geralt’s allies, is injured. They go into hiding for a while, reconciling some past differences before reuniting with the rest of their party​​. It’s indicated that Ciri enters the Tower of Swallows, meeting several characters, setting the stage for subsequent events in the saga​​.

How old is Ciri in Tower of Swallows?

The exact age of Ciri during the events of “The Tower of Swallows” isn’t specified in the sources. However, it’s known from the series that Ciri was born in 1252. Considering “The Tower of Swallows” events occur after the mid-1260s, Ciri would likely be in her early to mid-teens.

Who is the elf at the end of Tower of swallows?

The elf encountered towards the end of “The Tower of Swallows” is not explicitly mentioned in the sources. However, in the broader Witcher Saga, Avallac’h, an elven sage, plays a significant role, particularly in advising Geralt about a prophecy concerning Ciri. He might be the elf in question, as he’s mentioned in discussions related to the ending of this book and the transitioning events leading to the next book in the series, “Lady of the Lake.

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