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The witcher time of contempt pdf

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NameThe Time of Contempt
AuthorAndrzej Sapkowski
GenreFantasy Anthologies, Sword & Sorcery Fantasy, Short Stories Anthologies

The Witcher The Time of Contempt Summary

The sorceress Yennefer is supposed to bring Cirilla, rightful heir to the throne of Cintra, to the magical island of Thanedd. There Cirilla should be trained in her magical powers, hidden from her enemies – because both Nilfgaard and the free kings hunt her relentlessly to use them for their own purposes. At the same time, a wizarding convention takes place on Thanedd on the latest political events.

The kings of the eight free kingdoms, who stand against the Nilfgaard Empire, conjure up some wizards to rebellion against their advice through targeted intrigues. In complete overconfidence, they also provoke Nilfgaard to justify a war that is supposed to free the kingdom of Cintra – but soon, Nilfgaard washes over the first kingdoms like a wave over tracks on the beach. Thanks to the witcher Geralt, Cirilla manages to escape from Thanedd, but she ends up in a lonely desert, without orientation, without equipment, without help.

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Style and language

This book is the second volume of the Witcher saga and is the continuation of “The Legacy of the Elves.” Since Sapkowski has a very demanding writing style, I urgently advise you to read the saga’s first volume before starting this work. But even if you know the first part and it has been some time since you read it (just because of the distance between the publications), the reader initially finds it difficult to get into this book. There is neither an introduction nor a summary of the first part, nor does Sapkowski allow repetitions to flow into his text. Right at the beginning, many place names and information are given in a kind of up-to-date overview. Still, the reader is completely dependent on his memories for these places’ location because there is neither a map in this nor in the previous book. So you cannot always clearly sort the position of various villages, cities, and countries.

Very long chapters up to 70 pages in length can slow down the reading speed, especially at the beginning of the book, and the few subsections, which can last up to 30 pages, don’t really help here. In addition, it takes a while for the tension to be tightened again. But it is worthwhile to bite through the first pages of confusion because Andrzej Sapkowski doesn’t make the reader wait too long – soon, he draws the tension back so much that the reading speed increases as rapidly as one of one despite the long chapters Bow arrow shot. New paragraphs then regularly begin with a set of anticipatory content that immediately arouses curiosity and – similar to cliffhangers – encourages you to continue reading.

In the second part of the Witcher saga, the author uses a sophisticated writing style in which foreign words are not neglected. Therefore, the novel should only be read if the reader is fully concentrated to immerse himself in the content fully. Nevertheless, the story is not written dryly; rather, the partly humorous or ironic text always brings a smile to the reader’s face. Allusions to eroticism and sex are initially only mischievous or as silent hints; the subsequent description of an act of love does not go into too much detail and leaves this to the reader’s imagination so that Sapkowski always maintains composure.

I find it very clever that reports about events in the form of conversations alternate with individual scenes that are picked out and communicated directly to the reader in the Er form. So you not only find out the news through dialogues but can also be there directly in individual situations.

It seemed less successful that the author had developed his own language for elves and dryads, but that he did not translate it either in the story itself or in an appendix. 

Both the term “contempt” and the book’s full title have a high place in the story. The term or phrase appears again and again and in a wide variety of contexts, especially on the book’s last pages, even up to a dozen times per page.


The reader already knows many of the characters that appear from the first volume; they were mostly well worked out there, so only relatively few details are added in the saga’s second volume. An exception is Ciri, who is also continuously developing in this part.

The remaining and new characters who now take the stage are depicted more or less intensely according to their rank and role. However, all of the author’s figures are believable and realistic.

One focus of this volume is on magicians. They are mostly portrayed as arrogant and arrogant, often also scheming and with personalities geared towards their own advantages. This is also reflected in the names, which are usually very special and as imposing as possible. Always looking for beauty and perfect looks, they constantly try to outdo their contemporaries, but on the other hand, are punished with persistent doubts about the sincerity of the counterpart. The picture that Sapkowski paints of the magicians fit very well into the overall concept.

Featuring the book

Part two of the Witcher saga is available in paperback. The cover’s presentation, in which the relief of a unicorn dominates, is of very high quality and is immediately reminiscent of the style of the first volume. Embossing of the contours of the unicorn and the author’s lettering give the book a classy touch. However, I was missing both a map of the world in which this saga occurs, and an appendix with translations of the Older Language used regularly. I would also like to point out that the price of € 14.90 for an average paperback book is quite high.


The continuation of “The Legacy of the Elves” also comes in the form of sophisticated literature as high fantasy. At first confusing, the story is soon written in an exciting and stirring manner. However, the Witcher saga is not a book for every occasion because the reader should be concentrated and rested. But then the book becomes a pure reading pleasure.

The witcher time of contempt pdf & Epub free download