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As a reader of the books, I would actually recommend everyone to start with The Last Wish. It’s also very interesting for the series because the short stories here introduce every character we learn to love in other books, but also tell exciting monster stories. If you want to see Geralt kneeling deep in danger and in direct confrontation with monsters, then are the short stories anyway what you want to read! In “The Last Wish,” there are stories about Larkspur (Jaskier / Dandelion) and Yennefer, but that is also explained in detail here. But there is also space for Ciri’s first hints here.

Then one should dive into “the sword of providence.” This is where you meet Ciri for the first time, and the story takes place just before the Geralt saga. Nevertheless, there are many years gap between the two short story volumes. The Witcher books are linked to one another chronologically. The prehistory volumes of the Witcher saga are about the same size as the books from the saga, but the saga’s narrative style becomes a little slower. Monsters take a back seat, and it becomes much more political. The war between elves, humans, and Nilfgaard comes to the fore. Between “the sword of providence” and “the last wish,” there is still “time of the storm.” Since the book was only published last, it is also worth starting the book later. Here it gets more political and slower in the narrative style. Some things are written roughly here, as one should already know a little about Geralt’s stories. If you want to read the other books of “The Witcher” .Read here, Time of the Storm,Providence Sword,Legacy of the Elves,The Time of Contempt,Baptism of Fire ,The Swallow Tower and The Lady of the Lake .

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Geralt of Rivia makes his living fighting monsters of all kinds. As a sorcerer, he cannot complain about not getting any commissions because people need urgent help against vampires, dragons, and other demonic beings. When Geralt frees an air spirit, the latter beat him and his love to the sorceress Yennefer. Shortly afterward, his best friend is seriously injured and urgently needs his help.