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Call Me by Your Name Book Pdf

Call Me by Your Name Book Pdf

This guide was based on the following edition of the book: Call Me By Your Name (Pdf) by Andre Aciman. Available as an AZW file for the Kindle from Atlantic Books (2011).Download Call Me by Your Name Book Pdf for free from link below.

PDF Title Call Me by Your Name
Total Page 256 Pages
Author André Aciman
PDF Size 860 Kb
Language English

Call Me by Your Name Book Summary

André Aciman’s novel Call Me By Your Name chronicles the passionate six-week courtship of Elio, an Italian adolescent, and Oliver, an American professor, during their summer in Italy. Even after they’ve parted ways, the impact of their time spent together will linger. Oliver’s stay in Italy is vividly recalled in this story told solely from Elio’s point of view. The plot revolves around Elio’s obsession with dissecting Oliver’s every word and action. Oliver’s aloof demeanor is contrasted with Elio’s tenderness and emotional reactions throughout the novel.

Elio described Oliver’s first day in Italy in Part 1 of the story. When Elio’s father hosted an academic each summer, he provided administrative assistance and allowed the academic to work on their book. When Oliver showed up, Elio immediately began attempting to win him over, but he was disappointed when Oliver replied to his advances with anger and indifference. After spending a lot of time together, Elio developed an overwhelming sexual desire for Oliver. Although Oliver maintained that he was wrong, Elio was convinced that Oliver saw a local lady called Chiara.

Elio’s relationship with Marzia starts in Part 2. Elio opened out about his love for Oliver once he realized he couldn’t deal with the intensity of his obsession. Even though they had sex, Oliver emphasized that there would never be a relationship. A few days after the kiss, Oliver and Elio communicated less often, upset Elio. After Oliver received a note from Elio expressing his desire to speak with him, Oliver proposed that the two meet at midnight. Were Elio and Oliver having sex at midnight? Yes. Even though Elio was embarrassed and worried at first, he eventually warmed up to the dynamic and was content with how things had developed between them. They reminisced about their initial encounter and admitted drawing the wrong ideas about one other. After Oliver’s summer vacation in Italy came to a close, he requested Elio to accompany him on a trip to Rome before departing.

Rome served as the setting for the third and final installment. When Oliver and Elio went to a poetry reading, Elio met many interesting people in the arts and academia. Elio was delighted to have met such fascinating individuals. We all went out to dinner afterward, and the poet related anecdotes about the situations that had spurred his poetic expression. Elio played piano for the group as they went to a pub. In the middle of the street where Elio was sick, Oliver found him and went to help him. In the streets of Rome, the two guys sang and kissed their way across the city.

Elio returned to his family’s property in part four on his own. He spoke with Oliver upon returning to the country. As a token of their time together, Oliver snatched a postcard from Elio’s chamber and pledged to see him at Christmas. Oliver notified Elio at Christmas that he was getting married. Oli worked as a professor at the institution where Elio visited him 14 years later. Oliver still kept Elio’s postcard that he had brought with him when he first met them. In Oliver’s home, Elio shared a meal with his family. Oliver returned to the Italian home many years later, and the two men reminisced about their time there.

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This book is 256 pages long.
Two of the four chapters are devoted solely to the first two, which make up the bulk of the book. In the second section, Elio takes over from his father Samuel, who is in charge of the first section, titled "Tempo."
Kindle Edition: (2 book series) Andre Aciman's Call Me by Your Name tells the story of a teenage boy and a summer visitor at his parents' Italian Riviera cliffside villa.
Calling someone by their name is a sign of affection, and it helps to preserve the romance between two people. Even though the song is titled after the singer, the title is meant to relate to the guy who inspired the song, as the two main characters in "Call.
"Call Me By Your Name" is the subject of much debate. The movie normalizes and romanticizes interactions between adult males and teens while simultaneously perpetuating (even if it doesn't mean to) the stereotype that homosexual men prey on children.
Elio and Oliver are the same, and this is a manner of showing him that "as much as I love myself, I also love you" and that they are the same. How to say, "I know you already love me but remember to love yourself too."