Best new mystery books of all times for adults 2022

The Most mystery books for adults 2022 is here. If you have time to read, the best way is to download these books in pdf for free and enjoy reading. Mystery books for adults 2022, Life changing books you must read in 2021, we have brought for you.

Mystery books for adults 2021

What do you anticipate when you pick up a mystery book? Probably a gripping story that keeps you guessing who the bad guy is. The best mystery books are ones that have clever clues strewn throughout, bringing forth your inner detective.

The ultimate feeling in crime fiction, in my opinion, is being presented with a suitably challenging puzzle while yet being able to jump up and exclaim, “I knew it!” when the final disclosure arrives.

New Mystery Books of the Day

Although the year 2021 is full of new mystery books, if you enjoy mysteries, the good news is that a significant number of books have already been published. We’ll keep track of new mystery books throughout the year and add them to the list if we believe they’re worth reading.

We’ll also include books nominated for significant mystery book honors, such as the Edgar Awards in the United States and the Dagger Awards in the United Kingdom. The Edgar Award shortlist was revealed in January, so we’ve already included it here.

We’ve also added a few recently released mystery books that we’ve loved so far. I hope you also going to love it. For more books subscribe to our newsletter.

Remember that these are the finest books from the previous year, not the most recent (with the added benefit of being in paperback).

10 best new mystery books for adults in 2022 list

We’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of mystery books for you to peruse.

Best New Mistery Books Of All Times For Adults 2021 List
1.The Vampyre. A Tale. by John William Polidori (Source here: Arizona State University)

2.The Lerouge Case By Émile Gaboriau ( Source here: Tim Morris)

3.The Cask of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe (Source: Ibiblio)

4.The Bottle Improbert By Louis Stevenson ( Source here: Texas A&M University)

5.The Boscombe Valley Mystery By Arthur Conan Doyle (Source here: The complete Sherlock Holmes)

6.The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe ( Source here: This American Lyric)

7.The Mystery of Edwin Drood By Charles Dickens (Source here: The Dickens Fellowship of Japan)

8.The Hound of the Baskervilles By Arthur Conan Doyle (Source here: Planet eBook)

9.Further Adventures of The Amateur Cracksman By E.W. Hornung ( Source here:

10.Bleak House author Charles Dickens ( Source: Planet eBook)

The Vampyre. A Tale. by John William Polidori (Source here: Arizona State University)

Here is the short summary of “THe Vampyre.” Aubrey is an attractive, affluent orphan who relies on his imagination rather than his common sense. Ruthven fascinates Aubrey, so he gets permission to accompany the lord on his European excursions. Outraged, Aubrey flees Ruthven for Athens, where he meets Ianthe, a lovely Greek girl. Aubrey takes a trip one day.

Ruthven arrives at Aubrey’s bedside and takes care of him. When Aubrey has recovered, he suggests going on a trip with Ruthven to distract himself from Ianthe. When Aubrey returns to London, he encounters Ruthven, who has miraculously recovered and has begun seducing Aubrey’s sister. Aubrey attempts to alert his sister and their guardians.
But everyone dismisses him as insane, and Aubrey is bound by the commitment he made to Ruthven to keep quiet. The night before the oath expires, Ruthven and Miss Aubrey marry. Aubrey’s condition deteriorates, and he passes away. Miss Aubrey is also discovered dead, a vampire’s prey.

The Lerouge Case By Émile Gaboriau ( Source here: Tim Morris)

Here is the short summary of “The Lerouge Case.” The Lerouge Case, often regarded as the first detective fiction, introduces Monsieur Lecoq, a former “habitual criminal” who becomes a police officer. Émile Gaboriau based Lecoq, at least in part, on Eugène Vidocq, a real-life criminal-turned-police-officer who later became the first director of the Sûreté.

In this first novel, Lecoq plays a minor role, with Lecoq’s tutor Tabaret, an amateur detective, handling the majority of the mystery solving. Gaboriau thus simultaneously introduces a police detective and an amateur detective. In A Study in Scarlet, Holmes mentions Lecoq, condemning him as a “miserable bungler” in response to Dr.

 The Cask of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe (Source: Ibiblio)

Here is summary of” The Cask of Amontillado.”The novel revolves around Montresor’s techniques for capturing Fortunato and exacting his vengeance on the unlucky Fortunato. The fact that Montresor has never told Fortunato about his hatred is the most important factor. As a result, one evening during carnival season, when there would be plenty of frivolity and joy, Montresor set his devilish, mad scheme in motion, confident that he would never be detected. In fact, by the end of the story, we, the readers, are confident that his heinous crime will go unnoticed.

Montresor pleased Fortunato by obsequiously requesting his opinion on a freshly purchased cask of Amontillado, knowing that he considered himself a great specialist, or connoisseur, of excellent wines, and especially a devotee of a sherry known as Amontillado. He enticed Fortunato with the rare liquor, even claiming that the wine was housed in his vaults, which had too much dampness and “nitre” for Fortunato’s liking. On the other hand, Fortunato was adamant about tasting the wine and insisted on being escorted to Montresor’s house. Montresor obliged, concealing himself in a cloak so that he would not be identified.

Fortunato walked unsteadily as they descended into the vaults, and the “bells upon his cap jingled” as they descended, adding to the carnival atmosphere or wonderful moment, which will ironically end shortly with the unlucky Fortunato’s living death. The nitre caused Fortunato to cough constantly as they progressed deeper into the vaults, but he was drunkenly determined to keep going. When Fortunato entered, he collided with the granite wall, and Montresor quickly chained him to the wall. Fortunato was too inebriated even to notice what was going on, let alone protest his incarceration.

Montresor rapidly unearthed a “quantity of building stone and mortar” and began “walling up the entrance.” Montresor first heard deep moans from within when he finished the first tier, and by the time he finished the fourth layer, he “heard the frantic vibrations of the chain.” He resumed his task and completed three more tiers when “a succession of loud and harsh cries” erupted from within the crypt, frightening Montresor at first but then delighting in joining in with the screaming.

Of course, the reader is astounded by the murderer’s devious efficiency, as well as the fact that Montresor has lived with impunity and, tragically, his victim has rested in peace for fifty years. On every plane, the dual and ironic perspective persists. When Montresor first encountered Fortunato, he smiled at him constantly, leading Fortunato to believe he saw a grin of warmth and kindness when, in fact, it was a devilish smile in preparation for Fortunato’s entombment.

The Bottle Improbert By Louis Stevenson ( Source here: Texas A&M University)

Here is the summary ” The Bottle Improbert.”Keawe is a poor native Hawaiian who is bold, smart, and a competent sailor. The man has a sad expression on his face and motions Keawe to the door. The man assures him that he, too, could have a home like this and asks if he has any cash. The man says that is enough, and Keawe responds that he has fifty dollars.

He tells Keawe that the source of all his wealth is contained in a bottle, and he hands over the object for Keawe to examine. Keawe is wary, not wanting to face eternal damnation. He tells another sailor, Lopaka, about his dilemma after establishing that he can’t just get rid of it. They agree that Keawe will wish for his dream home in Hawaii and then sell the bottle to Lopaka to realize his aspirations.

When they get home, Keawe is informed that his uncle and cousin have died. He has inherited land and a little sum of money, just enough to start construction on the mansion of his dreams. When the house is finished, it is just how Keawe had envisioned it. Lopaka, on the other hand, needs more proof before purchasing the bottle, claiming that it could all be luck.

Keawe hears some unpleasant news when he finally locates the last man. Keawe can only buy it for one cent and then resell it because there is no way to get a lower price. He agrees and cures himself because his love for Kokua seems to be the essential thing to him. He returns to Kokua and marries her.
He pledges to buy it for one dollar from the sailor, thus damning himself once more. The sailor, however, refuses to sell the bottle when he returns with it. The sailor, unable to give up the bottle’s wealth and power, and feeling himself going for hell anyhow, relieves Keawe of his load.

 The Boscombe Valley Mystery By Arthur Conan Doyle (Source here: The complete Sherlock Holmes)

Sherlock Holmes determines that the killer is a longstanding friend of the victim who loots stagecoaches on Australian highways. In the Boscomian Valley, McCarthy was discovered dead. McCarthy is the father of an only child, James, and Tener is the mother of an only child, Alice.McCarthy left the house on the day of the disaster and drove to a tiny lake in the Boscom Valley, claiming to be late for an important meeting.

McCarthy soon met with his son, who was holding a gun. One of the neighbours overheard the father and son arguing and witnessed James swinging at his father. She ran for help, terrified, but James came sprinting up behind her, no pistol in hand, blood on his hands, and claimed he had found his father dead. A guy’s body was discovered near the lake, his skull crushed by a blunt object, and a rifle was nearby.

Despite his denials, James was apprehended by police. He returned to the lake to go hunting, where he heard a yell of «Kou!» Which he and his father used to address each other. Dr Watson, Holmes’ devoted companion, travels to the Boscom Valley. Alice Tener informs him that she caused the disagreement between McCarthy’s father and son.
McCarthy wanted them to marry James, but she and her father were opposed to it since he was still too young. In prison, Holmes pays a visit to James McCarthy. The young man admits to the famous detective that he adores Alice, but he married a Bristol barmaid several years ago, and no one knows about it. Holmes arrives at the scene of the crime.

He met the destitute McCarthy by chance, and he began blackmailing him. Tener refused to accept money from McCarthy for rent, but McCarthy began to press Tener to marry Alice to James. Tener had nothing against the young man, but he didn’t want to be associated with McCarthy. McCarthy and Tener arranged to meet near the lake.
When Tener arrived at the designated time, he learned that McCarthy compelled his son to marry Alice, oblivious of how Alice would react. Tener, who was terminally ill, opted to kill out of desperation. The jury acquits James McCarthy under the influence of the evidence presented by Sherlock Holmes.

The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe ( Source here: This American Lyric)

On a freezing December evening, the anonymous narrator is alone in his house, trying to read. He hears a gentle knock at his door as he is about to fall asleep but decides to ignore it. He claims that he has been reading to help him cope with his grief after the death of his beloved Lenore.

Despite his best efforts to convince himself that nothing is there, he is overcome by curiosity and anxiety. He ultimately opens his door and speaks into the night, “Lenore?” When he hears tapping at his window, he opens it as well, allowing a Raven to fly inside and rest on a bust of Pallas. The narrator humorously inquires about the Raven’s name, to which it responds, “Nevermore.” He muses to himself that the Raven will most likely abandon him, just like his friends and loved ones have, to which the Raven replies, “Nevermore.” The narrator then takes a seat directly in front of the bird, trying to figure out what “Nevermore” means.

The narrator suddenly notices that angels sent by God have made the air dense and fragrant. He asks the Raven, anxious if the angels are a sign that heaven will alleviate him of his woes, and the bird responds, “Nevermore.”
The bird rejects both his hope of seeing Lenore again in paradise and his ardent appeal for the bird to leave him alone with the same reaction. Finally, the narrator informs us that the Raven has remained atop his chamber door above Pallas’ bust and that he will live in its shadow forever.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood By Charles Dickens (Source here: The Dickens Fellowship of Japan)

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is an unfinished mystery novel by Charles Dickens about a choirmaster and secret opium addict named John Jasper, whose nephew goes missing. John Jasper is leaving an opium den and walking toward Cloisterham Cathedral, where he is the choirmaster when the novel begins.

Following the service, Jasper’s nephew, Edwin Drood, approaches him and admits to having reservations about his marriage to Rosa Bud. Rosa pays Edwin a visit at Nun’s House and the two banter. Crisparkle eventually persuades Neville to apologise to Edwin, and he arranges for them to meet for dinner on Christmas Eve at Jasper’s. Grewgious gives Edwin Rosa’s mother’s ring to understand that if he decides not to marry Rosa, he will return it. Edwin and Rosa resolve to call it quits the next day. Jasper is informed of the change by Grewgious.

Jasper arranges for Durdles, a cathedral crypt expert, to give him a tour. Durdle sips some wine that Jasper offers him on the way down and drops out soon. The only thing he recalls is seeing Jasper alone in the crypt. Deputy is accused of spying by Jasper, who takes him by the throat and chokes him before releasing him unharmed. Edwin is dressed up with a pocket watch, a chain, and a shirt pin. He tells her that “Edwin” is in danger, and she responds that “Ned” is in peril. Edwin feels convinced that she is not referring to him because Jasper is the only person who uses the nickname «Ned» for him. Jasper purchases a black silk scarf the following day.

For their Christmas Eve supper, Edwin and Neville reconcile their differences. Edwin is missing, and Jasper is circulating false accusations against Neville in town, unbeknownst to him. Grewgious informs Jasper that Rosa and Edwin have broken their marriage, and Jasper is more disturbed by this news than by the possibility that his nephew has been murdered. Jasper was to describe how he murdered Edwin from his prison cell to obtain Rosa for himself, only to discover that their marriage had been broken before the murder. Neville was supposed to die while apprehending Jasper, according to Datchery, a private detective.

 The Hound of the Baskervilles By Arthur Conan Doyle (Source here: Planet eBook)

The mystery surrounding Sir Charles Baskerville’s death, as well as the potential that the heir to his riches is being murdered, is the subject of this adventure. Sir Charles Baskerville had died unexpectedly before the storey began, maybe as a result of a ghostly hound believed to haunt his family due to an age-old curse. The Baskerville estate is situated amid Devonshire’s desolate moor. Dr Mortimer, a friend of Sir Charles Baskerville, introduces Holmes and Watson to the case.

Sir Henry seems unconcerned about the old rumour when he arrives in London. Instead, he insists on leaving for Baskerville Hall as soon as possible. Certain that something sinister is at work, Holmes dispatches Watson to Devonshire to accompany and protect Sir Henry while Holmes attends some business in London. Watson begins his investigation as soon as he arrives at Baskerville Hall.

Mr Stapleton informs Watson of the existence of Grimpen Mire, a section of the moor that is too perilous to traverse. Laura Lyons, who lives in the adjacent Coombe Tracey, is the woman who Watson examines. Stapleton comes as they discuss what to do with the body. Despite his amazement, he immediately regains his calm and recognises Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes goes to Baskerville Hall with Watson and eats dinner with Sir Henry. They hear that Stapleton had invited Sir Henry to dinner during supper and had therefore expected him to be out on the moor that night rather than Selden. Because Barrymore had supplied the convict Sir Henry’s clothing, Selden was dressed in them. A photograph of Hugo Baskerville catches Holmes’ eye, and he quietly informs Watson that the face is quite similar to Stapleton’s.

As a result, he deduces that Stapleton is a Baskerville who intends to murder the remaining family members to gain riches. Holmes, on the other hand, does not tell Sir Henry the truth. Instead, he pretends that he and Watson are returning to London, and he invites Sir Henry to dinner with Stapleton the next night. Even though it will require him to journey alone across the moor, Sir Henry accepts.

She claims that Stapleton had restrained her and then retreated into Grimpen Mire, where he kept the hound penned away. They scour Grimpen Mire the next morning but only locate Stapleton’s boot. Sir Henry and Dr Mortimer set out on a voyage across the world a month later to help Sir Henry recuperate from his shock.

Further Adventures of The Amateur Cracksman By E.W. Hornung ( Source here:

Bleak House author Charles Dickens (Source: Planet eBook)

Crime and Punishment By Fyodor Dostoevsky (Source here: Planet eBook)

The Woman in White By Wilkie Collins | Source here: GASL

The Mysteries of Udolpho By Ann Radcliffe | Source here: York University

The Bishop’s Secret By Fergus Humes | Source here: Online Library eBooks Read .com

The Secret Adversary By Agatha Christie | Source here: University of Macau

The Mysterious Affair At Styles By Agatha Christie (Source here: Free Classic eBooks)

The murders in the Rue Morgue: the Dupin tales By Edgar Allan Poe (Source here: Matthew Pearl)

 Death On The Nile By Agatha Christie (Source here: NGWC Reader’s Corner)

 A Study In Scarlet By Arthur Conan Doyle (Source here: The complete Sherlock Holmes)

 A Collection of Short Mystery Stories By Candida Martinelli’s Italophile | Source here: Candida Martinelli’s Italophile

The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd By Agatha Christie | Source here: Goodreads

 Lady Audley’s Secret – An Adaptation of the Novel By Mary Elizabeth Braddon | Source here: Playwrights’ Center

Madame Midas By Fergus Hume | Source here: Online Library eBooks Read .com

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde author Robert Louis Stevenson | Source here: Planet eBook

Tales of Mystery and Imagination By Edgar Allan Poe | Source here: English Online Club

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